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Looking for Family Doctors in Philadelphia? Meet One of the Best

Posted by Richard Stamps on Feb 16, 2015

Researching family doctors in Philadelphia can be overwhelming. No doubt, you have many questions. Is the doctor warm and compassionate? Will she—CAN she—take the time you and your family need, especially if you have little ones? Does she take a proactive approach to your family's long-term wellness?

Unless you can answer a firm "yes" to the above, then it might be best to read on.

As you interview different family doctors in Philadelphia (and beyond), wouldn't it be great if you had an example of a family physician who embodied all those things? Well, we have good news for you: meet our very own Dr. Daphne Goldberg, a concierge physician who lives and breathes family medicine.

Below, she talks about why she loves working with kids and parents alike, and why having a close and constant relationship with your doctor (one of the many benefits of concierge medicine) is the key to your family's overall wellness.



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