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Philadelphia Doctors Rocking Concierge Medicine

Apr 28, 2015 by Richard Stamps

More and more physicians are embracing concierge medicine, and Philadelphia doctors are no different. Hear from several of our Philadelphia doctors below with amazing stories about how this model has affected the way they practice medicine.

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Why One Primary Care Physician in Philadelphia Became a Concierge MD

Apr 07, 2015 by Richard Stamps

The journey to concierge medicine is a personal one. Some doctors come to it out of frustration with the current healthcare landscape. Others because they have friends and colleagues who've gone before them and who've shared their positive experiences. Some choose it because they want to return to medicine that's truly "personal," as it was in the old days. Some see the many benefits people receive from concierge healthcare. For others, it's a combination of all of the above.

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The Secret Sauce to Concierge Healthcare

Feb 23, 2015 by Richard Stamps

What's the secret sauce to excellent concierge healthcare? Serving the patient with the gift of TIME.

See, in a typical healthcare practice, the goal is to maximize time in order to serve the business, the hospital, the insurance company.

But in concierge healthcare, we use time to serve the patient, which allows our physicians to…

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Looking for Family Doctors in Philadelphia? Meet One of the Best

Feb 16, 2015 by Richard Stamps

Researching family doctors in Philadelphia can be overwhelming. No doubt, you have many questions. Is the doctor warm and compassionate? Will she—CAN she—take the time you and your family need, especially if you have little ones? Does she take a proactive approach to your family's long-term wellness?

Unless you can answer a firm "yes" to the above, then it might be best to read on.

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Medical Concierge & "Royal Pains" - What's Real & What's Fiction?

Feb 02, 2015 by Richard Stamps

Confession: we're fans of Royal Pains. It's funny. It's smart. It's touching. But it's also a TV show, which means you can't necessarily trust it.

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