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Why One Primary Care Physician in Philadelphia Became a Concierge MD

Posted by Richard Stamps on Apr 07, 2015

The journey to concierge medicine is a personal one. Some doctors come to it out of frustration with the current healthcare landscape. Others because they have friends and colleagues who've gone before them and who've shared their positive experiences. Some choose it because they want to return to medicine that's truly "personal," as it was in the old days. Some see the many benefits people receive from concierge healthcare. For others, it's a combination of all of the above.

In recent newsletters, we've shared the journeys of two of our concierge MDs (you can read about Dr. Perkins and Dr. Sokoloff here). In the video below, another one of our TAM physicians, Dr. Daphne Goldberg, shares her personal journey on why she went from being a primary care physician in Philadelphia to a concierge MD.

Her reasons include the fact she had little time to spend with patients and even less time to follow up with them, two critical things when it comes to effectively caring for people. That said, she was skeptical of the concierge medicine model, at first.

Here's Dr. Goldberg, in her own words.



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