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Does Morning Exercise Reap The Most Benefits?

Mar 28, 2023 by Total Access Medical

There are potential benefits to exercising in the morning, as it can help set the tone for the rest of the day and improve overall energy levels.

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Suggestions to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Mar 16, 2023 by Total Access Medical

There are several lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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How Can You Improve Your Memory?

Mar 15, 2023 by Total Access Medical
 Everyone has moments of forgetfulness from time to time, especially when life gets busy. While this can be a completely normal occurrence, having a poor memory can be frustrating. If you feel like you’re forgetting more than you should—or if you just want to pump up your retention and recall — here are some science-backed ways to improve your memory.
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As You Age, What Happens to Joints and Cartilage?

Mar 09, 2023 by Total Access Medical

Gowing older is an inevitable part of life. The older we get, the more common it is to experience mild soreness or aching when you stand, climb stairs, or exercise. But what does this mean for our joints and cartilage? 

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How Long To Workout To See And Feel A Difference

Mar 02, 2023 by Total Access Medical

The amount of time it takes to see and feel a difference in your fitness level can vary depending on factors such as the type of exercise, the intensity of the workout, and the individual's starting fitness level.

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Which Foods Carry The Most And Least Pesticides?

Feb 21, 2023 by Total Access Medical
A recent report used data from the  US Department of Agriculture to rank 46 foods that are the most and least contaminated with pesticide residues. 
Avoiding pesticides is critical for babies and children because of the damage they can cause to the developing brain. 
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What Are The Most Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

Feb 15, 2023 by Total Access Medical

Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator.  By following an anti-inflammatory diet you can fight off inflammation for good.

An anti-inflammatory diet favors fruits and vegetables, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, lean protein, healthful fats, and spices. It discourages or limits the consumption of processed foods, red meats, and alcohol.
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Natural Remedies To Treat Anxiety

Feb 09, 2023 by Total Access Medical

In the United States, more than 18% of adults are affected by anxiety disorders each year, making it one of the most common mental health issues. Anxiety involves a person feeling disproportionate and sustained distress, worry, or fear in response to an emotional trigger. Anxiety is a normal, necessary emotion, and it can have a wide range of causes.

In the sections below, you can learn about a wide range of natural and home remedies that can help with stress and anxiety.

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What Does a Holistic Doctor Do Compared To A General Practitioner?

Feb 08, 2023 by Total Access Medical

Holistic medicine is an approach to medical care that takes into account the entire person and the circumstances surrounding them.

A holistic doctor considers attitudes, lifestyles, spiritual health, and physical health to be related.

Holistic treatments are directed according to what, in the grand scheme, the holistic doctor determines to be the cause. In many cases, the doctor works on preventive care, as well.

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Ultra Processed Foods May Accelerate Cognitive Decline

Feb 03, 2023 by Total Access Medical


Cognitive decline is usually the first noticeable sign of dementia, which is the common term that describes the impaired ability to think, remember, or make decisions that impact everyday activities or life. Consumption of ultra-processed foods adds to the possibility of developing obesity and other diet-related diseases. 

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