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Breast Cancer: A Healthy Lifestyle Makes a Difference

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What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Virtual Healthcare and Telehealth Explained

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How To Be Active While Staying Put

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COVID-19: What To Do If You Get Sick & Healthy Prevention Habits

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Boutique Medicine: The Doctor Is There Upon Call

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Intensive Exercise Can Greatly Reduce Cancer Risk & Heart Disease

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New Cases of Coronavirus Reported in U.S.

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Breast Cancer: A Healthy Lifestyle Makes a Difference

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Recent Research: Light Exercise Increases Men's Lifespan

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Use These Tips To Not Gain Weight Over The Holiday

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How Does Sugar Affect A Child's Brain?

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What Are The Signs Of Breast Cancer Other Than A Lump?

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Measures to Prevent Heart Disease

Main Causes of Heart Disease

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Obese Adult Percentage Growing In Several States

Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

Fruit Drinks Are As Unhealthy As Sugary Drinks, According To Research

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Sleep?

Don't Let Your Kids Skip Breakfast

New Research Shows Even Light Exercise Increases Men's Lifespan

New Study: 1 in 3 College Students Suffers From Mental Health Issues

New Research: Exercise Is Best For Reducing Breast Cancer Recurrence

Financial Advisors Should Refer Clients To Concierge Doctors

Does Exercise Lower Risk Of Dementia?

New Study: Two Hours of Walking Per Week May Considerably Prolong Life

What Are The Major Risk Factors For Heart Disease?

The Right Way To Choose Sunscreen & The Right Way To Use It

The Relationship Between Obesity and Cancer

Does Olive Oil Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease?

What Are The Major Risk Factors For Heart Disease?

Recent Research: Over-Cooked Starchy Foods Pose "Cancer Risk"

Tips To Help Prevent Unhealthy Food Cravings

Your Calorie Needs, Explained

The Relationship Between Cancer and Obesity

As An Older Adult, What Health Screenings Do I Need?

Dieting To Treat Cancer

Direct Primary Care Benefits From the Removal of the ACA

Recent Research: Physical Inactivity Leads To Smaller Brain Size

7 Reasons Processed Foods Are Harmful

Liver Cancer Death Rate Surged 43% In 16 Years

Proper Diet May Slash Death Risk For Cancer Survivors

11 Common Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

Evidence Suggests Brain Invading Viruses May Play Role In Alzheimer's

Why It Takes Longer For Women To Lose Weight After 40

New Rehabilitation Center Opens In Philadelphia

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Sleep?

How Does Long Term Depression Alter the Brain?

What Is Cardiovascular Disease? 

Foods To Boost Memory 

Total Access Medical Welcomes Dr. Roger Stumacher

Dr. Murdoch and Dr. Stumacher Recognized As Top Doctors In Philadelphia

Everyday Things That Age You

Nut Protein Vs. Meat Protein, Which Is Better?

Can Pecans Protect Heart Health? 

How Is Skipping Breakfast Affecting Your Kids?

Tips for Healthy Aging

New Study: Light Exercise Increases Men's Lifespan

Exercise Is Best For Reducing Breast Cancer Recurrance 

The Importance of Diet for Colorectal Cancer 

Recent Research: Fitness May Significantly Lower Dementia Risk 

Two Hours of Walking Per Week May Considerably Prolong Life 

Dieting To Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Do You Suffer From Rheumatoid Arthritis? 

What Are The Major Risk Factors For Heart Disease?

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Flu Update For The Philadelphia Region

Flu update for the Philadelphia Region

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