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Your Road Map to Better Health

Posted by Total Access Medical on Apr 19, 2022

Picture1If you're beginning to feel like your health has run into a roadblock or taken a detour, you need to get it back on track. This may take a little time and a lot of effort, but following is a road map that can guide you to better health. This article was written by a contributing author, Julie Morris

Turn One: A Healthy Diet

At your first turn on the road to better health, focus on a healthy diet. Cut most of the junk food and processed foods. You can still have a treat now and then but focus your regular meals on a blend of lean proteins, whole grains, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Consider taking some classes on healthy cooking to learn how to plan and use the best foods for yourself and your family.

Turn Two: A Fitness Routine

Your second turn involves engaging in a regular fitness routine. Start slowly, especially if you haven't exercised in a while, but fit in a few minutes every day for a walk or a bike ride. As you build up your stamina, you can develop a personalized routine of cardio and weight training. To motivate yourself to start and continue exercising, invest in some comfortable athletic wear, including breathable T-shirts, good shoes, and some pairs of leggings that provide support and flexibility while you work out.

Turn Three: Stress Relief

As you round the third corner on your road map to better health, discover the need to relieve stress. It's easy to let your stress take over, but you must learn to control it. Diet and exercise can actually go a long way to managing stress, but consider trying meditation and deep breathing exercises, too. Also, learn what triggers your stress. When you recognize those signs, you can take special steps to minimize the stress before it becomes overwhelming.

Turn Four: A Relaxing Home

At your road map's fourth turn, you encounter the need for a relaxing home. Make your home a sanctuary where you can spend time alone and with your family doing things you enjoy. Of course, there are always responsibilities, but even these don't have to be burdensome if you manage them correctly. For instance, try to divide household tasks between all family members, so everyone shares in keeping the house running smoothly.

Also do some cleaning, decluttering, and redecorating to create a fresher, more vibrant space where you and your family feel comfortable. Work together with your family members to bring some positivity into your home through bright colors, good lighting, organization, and cozy nooks. When the weather's nice, open the windows, and let in some fresh air.

Turn Five: Some Fun

Finally, your fifth turn is all about having some fun. This is critical to improving your health. You need time to do the things you truly love. If you're a reader, make time to pick up a book every day. If you like to go to concerts or sporting events, do so regularly. Spend time with friends, too, chatting and laughing.

Destination: Better Health

When you've followed your road map through all its turns, you may just find yourself at the destination of better health.

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