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Philadelphia Doctors Rocking Concierge Medicine

Posted by Richard Stamps on Apr 28, 2015

More and more physicians are embracing concierge medicine, and Philadelphia doctors are no different. Hear from several of our Philadelphia doctors below with amazing stories about how this model has affected the way they practice medicine.

In this video, you'll meet Dr. David Perkins who describes how the concierge medicine model played a profound role in helping a patient who suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. A favorite line: "On his first visit, we spent about two-and-a-half hours with him just basically getting him comfortable." Being able to carve out such a large chunk of time is one of the many reasons concierge medicine is so effective.



In this next video, we hear from Dr. Teresa Saris. She shares a story about a patient who was skeptical of concierge medicine—so much so that when Dr. Saris decided to join Total Access Medical, the patient went elsewhere. Fast-forward three years and learn what happens next.



And finally, we have a video with Dr. Daphne Goldberg who talks about her love of family medicine, particularly her work with children, and why being able to spend time with your doctor is so critical when it comes to asking questions, understanding answers, and assessing each child's milestone. One of our favorite quotes: "If the child sees me very frequently, they're less afraid to see me when they get sick."



Wondering if the concierge model of medicine might be right for you? Download our guide and make an informed decision.


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