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Top Execs Are Choosing Direct Primary Care. Here's Why.

Posted by William Kirkpatrick on Aug 12, 2016

"Whether between meetings or during a board meeting, we try to keep our clients happy and healthy in their life." - Dr. David Perkins


Today's business executives experience constant stress, receive little sleep, exercise only on weekends, sit for extensive periods of time, travel monthly if not weekly and care for their loved ones at home. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while also managing a hectic work schedule and catering to a family can seem impractical. Luckily, concierge medicine helps alleviate those pains and worries. In this article, I've broken down the ways that concierge medicine benefits busy business executives both in the office and at home. 

1) Same Day Doctor Appointments

With your busy schedule, wouldn't you want to be able to call your doctor and see him/her within a couple of hours? With concierge medicine, you can do just that. You can contact your personal doctor and speak to him/her within minutes, if not seconds. This accessibility for hard working executives is highly coveted and it's offered by every concierge medical practice. 

2) Longer Appointments

When I asked Dr. Perkins how long he meets with his patients he responded, “In our practice, we’re done when the patient says we’re done.” So, if you want a physician who is willing to spend as much time as needed with you than concierge medicine is certainly suited to meet your needs. 

3) 24/7 Access To Your Physican's Cell Phone

That's right! The unthinkable has become reality. Doctors are now giving their cell phone numbers to their patients and they are the ones answering the calls. With 24/7 access to your physician's cell phone, you have the ability to call your physician anytime, day or night with questions or concerns. 

4) Travel Health

Constant travel and long board meetings coupled with plenty of dinner engagements can take a toll on your physique. But with concierge care, your health is in your control. You and your physician can create a regimented dietary plan for you to take on the road. It's up to you to follow, though, to follow the diet and fight off cravings. 

5) Electronic Medical Records

Numerous business executives worry about what to do in the event of a medical emergency while traveling. With the advent of Electronic Medical Records, it has never been easier for your personal physician to send your medical records to the hospital closest to your location. No matter how far away you are, your doctor facilitates your medical treatment every step of the way. 

6) Prescriptions

With the stress of travel, it's not unusual to forget to pack your prescriptions. If you lose, misplace or forget your prescriptions while traveling than a quick call to notify your concierge doctor will amend your problem. He/she will contact the nearest pharmacy and your prescription will be ready for pickup that same day. 

6) Family health

As one patient stated, "When traveling for business, my days are packed with client meetings so if one of my children gets sick when I'm away it's very comforting to know that my family has quick and easy access to a medical professional. " When traveling, the last thing you need is a sick loved one at home. With 24/7 access to physician's cell phone, you can constantly be up-to-date on how your loved one is doing and what measures your doctor is taking to ensure their health. 

If these six reasons are not enticing enough, the #1 reason busy executives enroll in a concierge medical practice is because of the price compared to value they receive. For as little as $5 per day, you can manage your health and still grow the business of your dreams. 

Are you ready to learn more about concierge medicine and see if it is right for you? Read about our Individual and Corporate programs. 


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