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Why You Should Eat Less Sugar During This Holiday Season

Dec 24, 2019 by Total Access Medical
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Will Eating Less Sugar Help Me Lose Weight?

Oct 15, 2019 by Total Access Medical
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New Study: Two Hours of Walking Per Week May Considerably Prolong Life

Sep 17, 2018 by Total Access Medical

According to The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, it is recommended that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, or 75 minutes of intense physical activity, each week to reap "substantial" health benefits.

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Recent Research: Physical Inactivity Leads To Smaller Brain Size

Aug 01, 2018 by Total Access Medical

According to a study published in Neurology®, poor physical fitness in middle age may be linked to a smaller brain size 20 years later.

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How Do the Changing Seasons in the Philadelphia Area Effect our Health?

Mar 02, 2018 by Total Access Medical

With our recent mild spring like days to this current winter storm, we started to wonder, how does the weather affect our health?

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2018 a big year for wellness

Feb 13, 2018 by Total Access Medical

here are the trends for health and wellness in 2018. Some we have already been reporting to you! Some are new!

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Why you need to pay attention to vitamin C

Jan 12, 2018 by Total Access Medical

Did you know that low levels of vitamin C cause swollen bleeding gums, weight gain, fatigue, moodiness, easy bruising, chronic infections and more?

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Do you have the Flu? Here is what you need to do:

Jan 03, 2018 by Total Access Medical

49 states and Puerto Rico have wide spread Flu activity according to the most recent postings by the Centers for Disease Control  (CDC). 12 children have dies thus far from the Flu.

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How to stay healthy in 2018

Jan 01, 2018 by Total Access Medical

Drink more water! reports this is one of the single most important things to do this year to keep your health in top shape. With severely cold temperature and lots of dry heat, dehydration is easy.

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How to stop snoring?

Dec 27, 2017 by Total Access Medical
Here are 7 easy tips for how to stop snoring from WebMD . Among them are : loose weight, avoid alcohol and not sleeping on your back.
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